January 23, 2019
From Our Minister

To the Glory of Life

Dear Friends, Eric and Alice (not their real names) ‘were’ married. And I mean ‘were’ in the tenuous past-present sense that sits like a burning lead ball in the center of your heart. Alice made […]

We Stand With LA Teachers
Faith In Action

UPDATED: Support LA Teachers

Final Update Day 6: After another morning of pickets, while teachers were on their way to another rally in Grand Park, UTLA announced that a tentative agreement had been reached. After an afternoon meeting and […]


Board Highlights for January 2019

Board Highlights January 2019 Board Working to Clarify Committee Roles and Responsibilities The Board met on Tuesday, January 8. After check-in about each member’s intentions for the new year, the Board welcomed the new treasurer, […]


Dining for Dollars 2019

Dining for Dollars is one of UUSM’s largest and most successful fundraisers of the year. Don’t miss the opportunity to lend financial support to our beloved community while enjoying the fellowship of community members. The possibilities are as varied and infinite as your imagination. […]

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