October 16, 2018

Fresh News About UUSM News

The Communications Team is always looking for ways that UUSM can improve its communication with members, friends, allies, and visitors. We’re excited to announce movement toward revamping and revitalizing our outdated website. The website and […]


Board Prepares for Annual Retreat

The UUSM Board of Directors met on Tuesday, October 9. After check-in, the business meeting began with the unsettling news that our treasurer, Kim Andres, has resigned. The Nominating Committee will be looking for a […]

UUSM Newsletter Bulletin Oct 2018

UUSM Newsletter Bulletin Debuts

To ease the transition from the long-form, PDF-based Newsletter into this web-based format, the Newsletter Committee has created the UUSM Newsletter Bulletin – sort of “Newsletter light.” This single-sheet, self-mailer will go out to everyone […]

From Our DRE

Sanctuary and the Klondike Bar

noun: sanctuary: a place of refuge or safety. From this simple definition one could infer that a sanctuary is a place to hide…in isolation. We, like our Christian cousins, call our meeting room a sanctuary. […]

UUSM Newsletter Digest logo

Did You See the Newsletter Digest?

The Newsletter Committee and Website Team have premiered the first UUSM Newsletter Digest. UUSM members and friends far and wide received the Digest via email, and will continue receiving it monthly. It includes a sampling […]


Second Sunday Supper October 14, 2018
Learn about the ballot issues with FIA and SM League of Women Voters

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