Welcome to Second Sunday Supper

All Are Welcome

All are welcome to Second Sunday Supper on, you guessed it, the second Sunday of each month at 6 pm in Forbes Hall. We hope to see you there to enjoy social time…to eat, drink, converse, and connect.

The host committee — which rotates month to month — provides entrees and everyone else brings potluck sides, salads, drinks, and desserts. Members of the SSS Committee are always on hand to make sure things run smoothly.

Perhaps you have a favorite dish you bring to share. Or maybe it’s your first time, and you’ll bring a dessert. Or just bring your appetite. How fun is that?!?

Please join us!  Children are absolutely welcome! To save on waste and promote green living, we kindly ask that you bring your own plates, cups, utensils, and cloth napkins. We always have extra dishes if you cannot bring your own.

Happy hour begins at 5:45 pm.

You can also help by joining our Kitchen Cabinet and help with cooking (the day before), setup, or cleanup. You know that the most fun at any party is in the kitchen! Sign up at tinyurl.com/kitchenministry.

Questions? Contact Beth Rendeiro.

Second Sunday Supper Buffet

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