New UUSM Website Coming to a Screen Near You

Good news for the news

Imagine a world where is fresh, streamlined, and oh-so-au-courant. Strangers come and instantly view Sunday worship; discover what UU Santa Monica is all about; and explore activities we’ve got coming up. Members find the latest news and their preferred donation method quickly, and they can easily log in behind-the-scenes to see private contact info, board minutes, and financial statements.

Well, the hardworking website team – along with staff, a consultant, and some temp volunteers – are approaching the debut of a new The goal of the public-facing portions of the new site is to expand our membership: to efficiently guide brand-new visitors to the conclusion that UUSM church life could be for them (or not) and draw in more visitors to worship, special events, and small-group activities. The members-only areas will feature easy sign-in (all Members and Pledging Friends are being issued login credentials) and quicklinks to take members to what they most commonly need. Members will also be able to access important documents like Annual Meeting materials, bylaws, and historical Newsletters, News Magazines, and announcements; though it may take a while to load it all in.

Besides looking more up to date, the security of our digital home will be much improved; we’ll be less vulnerable to hackers and scammers. The new site is based on the WordPress platform, so it can be easily updated as needs and circumstances change. It’ll look better on our phones, which is how more and more visitors experience our website, and there are lots of “plug-ins” available that improve the site experience. Future refreshes to keep up with internet design trends will be SO much easier.

The separate news site you’re reading here will fuse right in to, and the display of public events will be enhanced to increase interest and attendance. A separate calendar, behind the member login, handles nonpublic committee meetings and room rentals.

The UU Santa Monica website will look and feel different, for sure; and it’ll continue to evolve in the weeks, months, and years to come. Look for coming announcements about the big reveal, your members-only login, and how to stay informed via email.

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