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On Sunday, February 3, the Dining for Dollars host sign-up table closes, if you have not entered your event online and prefer to do it in person. Please come and see Barbara J. Gibbs at the Welcome Table. Stop by, even if it’s just to chat or ask for clarification or assistance. Remember that D4$ success depends on your participation!

What is Dining for Dollars?
Dining for Dollars is one of UUSM’s largest and most successful fundraisers of the year. Don’t miss the opportunity to lend financial support to our beloved community while enjoying the fellowship of community members. From individual homes and gardens spreading out onto fascinating SoCal sites, hosts plan fun and creative events and activities. Some offer ticketed events or goods and services. We’ve got it all!

How often are events held?
The auction for Dining for Dollars events is held once a year, and the individual events take place all through the year.  We have often have as many as 50 or more events up for auction!

Who may bid on and attend the events?
Bidding in the Dining for Dollars silent auction is open to anyone who attends the church, and the winning bidders attend the events.

How many events are there?
Groups and individual hosts usually offer about 50 different events each year, each with a different theme.

What kinds of themes do hosts choose?
Ethnic meals (Indian, Italian, Mexican, French, etc.) are always popular. We’ve also had sailing trips, pancake breakfasts, game nights, pool parties, Shakespeare nights, architectural tours, murder mystery parties, and even a tide-pooling picnic. The possibilities for themes are as varied and infinite as the hosts’ imaginations.

How can I host a Dining for Dollars event?
For 2019 events, please contact Barbara Gibbs.  She will be happy to guide you through the process of hosting an event.

When will the next round of bidding be held?
This year’s Dining for Dollars auction dates are February 17 and February 24. Don’t miss out!

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