Faith In Action

On the Banks of the Dnieper

Written by Sarah Robson. To support our Generous Congregations Contribution in March to the International Rescue Committee, along with our March UUA theme of Renewing Faith, I feel compelled to tell a personal story about my connection to the Ukraine that I hope will inspire. […]

Member Spotlight

Charles Haskell Recalls UUSM History

In March, Lois Hutchinson, Chair of the Communications Committee, suggested that church members contribute short videos of their thoughts and concerns as we “shelter in place.” In that spirit, Charles has been recording short videos recounting his memories of key events and programs in the church’s history. […]

Member Spotlight

At Home, Not Alone

Karl Lisovsky and Janet Goodwin heeded the newsletter’s call for stories of mutual aid during the pandemic. Here is their experience: Our kids are gone, and we thought we would be empty nesters. […]