Board Highlights for February 2019: Preparing for Stewardship Kickoff

Board focuses on pledging and commitee structures

Commitee Mountain

The Board of Directors met on February 12. After individual check-ins, UUSM President Jacki Weber’s opening remarks concerned the monies the church collected in response to the call to help fire victims. About $1300 was raised. Jacki discovered in calling around, that it is rather difficult to find a place for such monies. If you have ideas as to how this could be arranged, please contact Jacki.

A discussion on the preparations for the stewardship campaign ensued. Our intern minister, Robin Stillwater, is planning a Sustainability Fund dinner to encourage matching funds for 2019-20 pledge increases. There is a focus on a “ministry of generosity.” The Board voted to seed the Sustainability Fund with another $5000 from the Minister’s Equity Sharing fund.

There were no new members last month. Carl Hoppe was ratified as the third member of the Investment Committee; the others are Steve White and Garland Allen.

In terms of the “Big Rock” goals, the board is working on, #1 – clarify committee goals and purposes. There has been significant progress and many committees have responded to inquiries. The next Big Rock is #4 – developing the Membership Committee more along the lines of Worship and Pastoral Associates.

There was considerable discussion around the still unfinished effort to have a “Safety” document. This will not only include appropriate resources for those in need, but also how our volunteers might be trained to deal with unusual, perhaps hazardous situations.

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