To the Glory of Life: Journey

Like all of us, I was born into a story that came from authors whose first drafts had been submitted to the Great Publisher. And, as the Great Publisher is want to do, my story emerged as a mash-up of two different plot lines that no amalgam of common interest or common sense would have blended together. But, of course, that is the case with most stories. […]

Children & Youth RE News

Praise The Journey

“Sing out praises for the journey, pilgrims, we, who carry on, searchers in the soul’s deep yearnings, like our forebears in their time. We seek out the spirit’s wholeness in the endless human quest.” -Singing The Living Tradition, #295 […]

Monthly givers are steadfast

Stewardship on the Vitality of Monthly Giving

As we get ready for the pledge drive in March, we want to connect feel-good generosity to a real commitment. The Pledge Committee also asks that you give a thought to the mechanisms we use to fulfill our pledges. Consider a year-long giving strategy. If you’re not already one of our community’s stalwart monthly givers, please consider monthly giving to UUSM. It’s easy and convenient, and so much more. […]