February 2019 Worship Services

Join us each Sunday as we celebrate and worship as a community. February 3, 2019. “Picking the Worst Hymn and Other Hangable Offenses.” Services at 9 am and 11 am. Rev. Greg Ward, preaching / Margot Page, Worship Associate. Trust – and Faith – are commodities that religion is known to supply. But, we all know, no one can supply trust. It’s something we have to manufacture ourselves. […]


To the Glory of Life: Trust

Eric and Alice (not their real names) “were” married. And I mean “were” in the tenuous past-present sense that sits like a burning lead ball in the center of your heart. Alice made a mistake, the details of which are unimportant. Eric struggled in arriving at forgiveness. That’s where the relationship ended. […]


Connecting to a Brighter Future

This is a time when we all connect our individual lives to the common good and a brighter future. We’ll describe the places we’ve found meaning, hope, and inspiration. We’ll share our vision for what we all need and what we’re all willing to commit to. […]