heart of flowers

May 2019 Worship Services

Join us each Sunday as we celebrate and worship as a community. This month’s ministry theme is Curiosity. What is that thing that calls us to live larger than the fear we’ve known allows us to live? What breeds the risk and courage that great lives need? What is this force of life? How do we harness it? And what does it ask us to do? […]

From Our Minister

To the Glory of Life

Spirit of Love, I move into my own time of transition after being with people in theirs. So many feelings are alive in my heart. I feel the sadness that comes with having to let go […]

Personal and Spiritual Exploration for Adults

Proposed Changes to Adult RE

First, we want to express heartfelt gratitude to Kathleen Hogue for being a vital asset to our work and supporting our growth, as individuals and as a committee, during her tenure at UUSM. We, along […]